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Amy Kahn dot com

About Amy:
Amy Kahn is an experienced designer, providing solutions for applications on and off the web.


  • Interactive design activities with your participation in mind
  • Production of new content
  • Organization of new and existing content
  • Production of documentation, including flowcharts, wireframes, and design specifications
  • Development of prototypes and images

  • Usability:

  • Complete heuristic analysis of your application
  • Recruiting for and performing usabity testing and analysis, resulting in a detailed and thorough report
  • Design recommendations based on usability results

  • Technology:

  • Well versed and experienced in a number of different technologies, including web development, content management, and design packages.
  • Reliable recommendations of technological choices for your web site or application.

  • Your Industry:

  • Flexible and willing to learn the ins and outs of any new industry
  • Experienced in finance, pharmaceutical, technology, retail, and insurance.

  • Community and Presence:

  • Analyzing the benefit of including community features in your web site or application
  • Establishing presence for you in your industry by using search engine optimization as well as sound advertising that won't break the bank.

  • Amy Kahn
    6 Ellis St
    Newton, MA 02464